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Darkening Aluminium PureNight Premium Roller Blind, Catalea

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PureNight Premium Roller Blind

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Selection of Aluminium and PVC side channels

3 fabric transparencies

Product Made to Measure

Child safe by design

Non-invasive mounting system optional

Adhesive side guides - roller blind stabilization system

The individually selectable control side

Windowpane full cover

Classic blue curtains
Batiste material curtain

Combination of technology, design and proven solutions

The PureNight system is the perfect solution for everyone who values perfect sleeping conditions and even a small loophole in privacy control is a point. The right amount of natural light should be selected for different rooms, depending on their location and activities performed in them. However, not everything can be predicted, which is why we offer you different transparency of our blinds that will allow you to control the light for greater comfort - yours and your household. Apart from the visual effect, we also bear in mind that each room needs special treatment. Kitchen blinds should be flame retardant, while bedroom roller blinds need to provide you with a total blackout for good sleep quality. We have a solution for any of your issues. Upgrade your favourite blind with a relevant feature.

Aluminum venetian blind
Aluminum venetian blind
Aluminum venetian blind

Aluminium versus PVC, the choice is yours

cassette blinds side channels

The fabric roller blinds in the PVC cassette are installed in a non-invasive way, without damaging the window. The cassette and guides are glued to the window sash frame by means of a durable double-sided tape. Dimensions of the cassette: height - 57 mm, depth - 45 mm, guides - 20 mm.

Cassete window shades

Roller blind in aluminium cassette is mounted with small screws. The cassette should be screwed to the window sash frame at the selected height, and the guides should be glued with two-sided tape. Dimensions of the cassette: height - 79 mm, depth - 35 mm, guides - 33 mm.

Technical details

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Technical details

Quality: Premium
Dimension tolerance: +/- 10 mm
Warranty: 5 years