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Darkening Eyelet Children’s Curtain Lulu

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Darkening Eyelet Children’s Curtain Lulu
Darkening Eyelet Children’s Curtain Lulu
Thumbnail: Darkening Eyelet Children’s Curtain Lulu
Thumbnail: Darkening Eyelet Children’s Curtain Lulu

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Ready-made eyelet curtain

Batiste structure material,made of 100% polyester

8 silver metal wheels with an internal diameter of 4 cm

Universal size: 140 x 240 cm

Eyelets are sewn into strengthened fabric belt

Machine washable (up to 30o)

Create a very special nursery for your child with the Lulu collection

Child room curtains
Bedroom curtains
Darkening curtains

Childhood inspired

Fairytale arrangement in a child's room

Children develop their mindful skills during play and learn and there is a whole world waiting for them to discover. However, their room is a good starting point to start the journey. Our role is tomake it even more interesting and add a fairytale touch to their space. Fine pink and calming grey will help to create a coherent and harmonious interior design that will be conducive to both fun and relaxation for the little one, room owner. Darkening curtains and a delicate, fairy-tale pattern create a harmonious duo that will awaken child imagination. The material of the curtains does not let much light through, so it will prove useful during afternoon naps. Our Lulu curtains are ready to hang. Convenient to install, the wheels are sewn into a strengthened material that makes it easy to mount on the curtain rod. Thanks to the combination of eyelets and stable curtain material, the curtains are very easily arranged in harmonious valances.

Sun rays coming through the curtain

Technical details

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Package content

1 x Darkening Eyelet Children’s Curtain Lulu (colour of your choice)*

Technical details

Material:100% Polyester
Warranty:2 years