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Darkening Eyelet Curtain Frida

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Darkening Eyelet Curtain Frida
Darkening Eyelet Curtain Frida
Thumbnail: Darkening Eyelet Curtain Frida
Thumbnail: Darkening Eyelet Curtain Frida

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Ready-made eyelet curtain

Batiste structure material,made of 100% polyester

8 silver metal wheels with an internal diameter of 4 cm

Universal size: 140 x 240 cm

Eyelets are sewn into strengthened fabric belt

Machine washable (up to 30o)

Get inspired by natural design

Bedroom curtains
Livingroom curtain
Darkening curtains

A whiff of naturalness and elegance

Create a homemade sanctuary

There is a definite reason for timeless curtain popularity. It is a classic form in a new contemporary version, allowing you to hide or open up to world whenever you decide. Frida curtain fits well with other textiles and fits well with many styles, Frida darkening curtains are available in subtle colours that add artistry touch and elegance to the interior. The curtain's structure resembles a batiste. Regular waves of fabric add a chic and cosiness to the wind arrangement. Made in a standard size, ready-made curtains will fit both, smaller and larger windows. It is a matching addition and complement to the roller blinds hanging already in the window, supplementing the whole arrangement. The dimming material creates an interior climate and atmosphere conducive to rest after a long day.

Sun rays coming through the curtain

Technical details

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Package content

1 x Darkening Eyelet Curtain Frida (colour of your choice)*

Technical details

Material:100% Polyester
Warranty:2 years