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Comfort Gazebo, 3x4 m, Paramondo

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Gazebo Comfort, 3x4m

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Anthracite strong reinforced steel structure

Has six legs and covers 3 x 4 m

Max. internal height: 2.7 m

Roof cover: 230 g/m 2polyester roof cover

Cover fabric: 140 g/m2 polyester curtain fabric

Weather-resistant fabric

Awning to allow air to circulation

Very easy assembly

The tent can be completely closed with the curtains (when choosing this type of arbour)

Brighten up

When summer's in full swing, your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home- a multipurpose room used for lazy lunches, family barbecues and kids playtime. Use Comfort canopies to inject a happy holiday feel throughout the season- whatever the weather!

Sun rays coming through the curtain
Składany pawlion ogrodowy rama, stelaż

This gazebo is accompanied by waterproof easy to maintain polyester curtains of 140 gms. Available in three colours to harmoniously adapt to your outdoor space. You can choose to close the curtains of the canopy with a zipper and create a relaxing area or outdoor dining area effectively protected from the wind and unwanted glances.

Poliestrowy pawilon ogrodowy

You can also equip your arbour with curtains made of mosquito net fabric that will be an impassable barrier for all flying insects. Gazebo mosquito wall will allow you to refresh your canopy room in the summer without being eaten by mosquitoes or attacked by wasps. Relax in peace while enjoying the fresh air.

Technical details

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Technical details

Quality: Basic
Dimensions (L x W x H) 400 x 300 x 270 cm
The height of the passageway: 200 cm
Sidewalls: 6 pieces (4x 224 x 203 cm & 2x 183 x 203 cm)​
Double roof:

Big roof: 302 x 401 cm, weight 4.0 kg
A small roof: 192 x 93 cm, weight 0.6 kg

Sidewall fabric 140 g/m² Polyester
Roof fabric 230 g/m² Polyester with PVC coating
Frames: 6 x steel profile: 204 x 3 x 3 cm
Steel anchors: 18 pieces
Lashings: 6 pieces
Weight: 34 kg
Guarantee: 2 years