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Mosquito window net in frame colors Anthracite 120

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Mosquito window net in frame colors


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Simple,efficient and durable!

This mosquito screen have mesh reinforced with fibre glass. Small holes in mesh will stop all insects trying to get through.

Mesh with tiny holes -  ok. 0,9 x 0,9 mm
Couple of universal sizes.
Extended side frame fin ensuring firm installation.
Light, aluminum construction

Provides calm sleep and protects from insect bits.

Size to fit all windows.

Mosquito screen with additional fin allowing easy installation. This is universal product and may be cut to size by the user. Thanks to special fittings, you can easily mount and demount mosquito screen without, damaging window frame! Aluminum frame is light and durable.

Why buy mosquito screen?

The mesh which is the main part of the mosquito screen is strenthened with fibre glass. Thanks to that this product is more efficient and will protect you from painfull bits, noisy mosquitos and bacteria. You children will also be safer from mosquitos, especially at night. 



How to select mosquito screen size?

See measurement instruction

How to install mosquito for doors?

See installation instruction

Package contains:
1 x mosquito for windows, Jarolift
1 x installation parts
1 x installation instruction

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