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PureNight Day and Night Blind, Livani

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PureNight Day & Night Blind

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Set the tone of your room

Day & Night roller blind with a tailor-made pelmet box

Made of high-quality polyester

fabric composed of horizontal stripes, alternately transparent (50 mm +/- 5% in height each) and light filtering (75 mm +/- 4% in height each)

Colourfastness - 4-7 ISO 105-B02

Choice of PVC box to glue or drill 

Makes it possible to adjust the light and the level of privacy at all hours of the day or night

Bring a unique look to your windows

Operating side of your choice

Type of operation: by chain

Child Safety - operation with a child safety system

Classic blue curtains
Batiste material curtain

Winning duo

Do you want to brighten up your interior? Are you looking for a simple solution of rare elegance allowing you to adjust the light and the level of privacy at all hours of the day and night? Let seduce yourself by the resolutely contemporary look of our day and night blind. Although natural light is essential to give freshness and warmth to your home, sometimes you want to dim the light while creating a nice cocooning, cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Play with this contradictory duo to optimize the intensity of the incoming light. Slide the two fabrics one behind the other to put them in the open position, or shift it gently to give you a feeling of comfort. Day and Night blind will allow you to create a style suited to your needs and your interior.

The secret of a blind that offers an aesthetic look? The blind with a pelmet box that protects the fabric while concealing the tube and the mechanism to ensure a flawless quality finish. We offer two types of pelmets - PVC to glue or drill. It bases the two variants on an easy and quick-to-install fixing system that will appeal to people with little DIY skills while allowing your windows to transform in the blink of an eye! The blind is fixed between glazing beads, inserted in a neat frame, the blind follow the movements of the window that open or closes. The whole it's aesthetic and very solid, so you can open the window and close it quickly, the blind will not move.

Day & Night Blind - Solid Fix

Crochets Microflex

Not compatible with windows with rounded glazing beads

Pelmet box height: 70 mm, Pelmet box depth: 34 mm

PVC side channels to be glued

Slide width: 32 mm

The side channels cover the light of the glass by about 2 cm

The blind adapt to windows with an integrated ventilation system

Day & Night Blind - Drill Free

Crochets Microflex

Adapts to all types of windows

PVC pelmet box to stick on the window sash

Pelmet box height: 70 mm, pelmet box depth: 45 mm

PVC side channels to be glued

Slide width: 24 mm

Side channels don't overlap glass light

The fabric moves along the side channels

The blind do not adapt to windows with an integrated ventilation system

Technical details

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Technical details

Warranty: 2 years