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Transparent Easy Roman Blind, Catalea

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Easy Roman Blind

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Wide range of colours and elegant design

Optimal light control and privacy protection

Two Transparencies

Child Safe by design

Three types of assembly

Easy to clean

White aluminium profile

Removable fabric - Velcro fastening

Personalized bead chain

Easy and quick assembly

rolety rzymskie
rolety rzymskie

Roman blind combines the features of roller blinds and curtains. What distinguishes it from other window shades is a unique way of folding - when lifted, it creates aesthetic creases, which give a unique atmosphere to every interior. Roman blind is decorative as much as protective, taking care of privacy and an appropriate level of sunshine in flats or houses.

Depending on the fabric and its colour, the Roman blind adapts to the needs of residents. It comes in two versions, which differ in transparency:

Translucent - which will let in a subdued but cosy light that will brighten up dark interiors and optically enlarge them.

Darkening - which will protect against excessive sunshine and create a discreet climate for work or rest. It is a good solution for windows exposed to strong sunlight.


Technical details

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Technical details

Warranty: 2 years