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Blackout PureNight Skylight Blind, Livani

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PureNight Skylight Blind

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Skylight Fakro Blind

Bend-resistant aluminium frame

Custom-made for window model

Equipped with side guides. 100% of fabric protection

Thermo fabric - rubberised with a silver sunscreen

EasyStop system - rolling the blind to any height

2 types of fabric: darkening and blackout

As many as 3 different colours of aluminium frames: white, silver, pine

Assembly kit in a package

Skylight blinds for any window

Made to measure skylight blind

The CustomSize system allows us to produce blinds for the individual model dimension. All you need is a roof window manufacturer and model! We also produce made to measure skylight windows blinds for local manufacturers and retailers.

Skylight EasyStop Blind

Set the blind where you want it! The innovative EasyStop system is a spring mechanism that allows you to unfold the blind material from the cassette and stop it at any height.

Skylight Blind Assembly Kit

A set of caps, brackets and mounting screws, added to the set, makes the product complete and ready to be assembled. A simple and quick assembly will be managed by everyone, regardless of their skill level.

Side guides and head rail of roller blind

The side guides are made of resistant and light aluminium, which keep the fabric in one angle. Thanks to them, we guarantee that the fabric covers 100% of roof windowpane.

Darkening Fabric

Amsterdam Collection, Darkening

Grammage 210 gsm

Polyester fabric 100%

Stronger spots clean with a soft cloth or sponge, a mild detergent and warm water.

Recommended to bathroom and living room

Tkanina przyciemniająca

Budapest Collection, Darkening

Grammage 175 gsm

Polyester fabric 100%

Colour durability>5

Stronger spots clean with a soft cloth or sponge, a mild detergent and warm water.

Recommended to bathroom and living room

 Thermo Fabric

Prague Collection, Blackout

Grammage 274,7 gsm

Polyester fabric 100%

UV layer fabric

Colour Durability 4,0 ( AATCC norm)

Stronger spots clean with a soft cloth or sponge, a mild detergent and warm water.

Recommended to bedroom and nursery

Protective fabric

Prague blackout fabric was rubberised with a silver reflective coating. Space between roller blind and the glass is always exposed to temperature changes and requires the thermal layer of the blind to control the optimal temperature in your home. The fabric is also resistant to fading and bulging caused by sunlight. The roof roller blind also protects the room against heat escaping in the winter time.

Protective fabric

A beautiful attic with a roof blind

Appropriate and thoughtful arrangement of the loft or living room may turn out to be lifestyle level up! Such space is ideal for a living room, bedroom or home relaxation area.

Attic roller blind

We designed skylight blinds in accordance with our customer's needs- aesthetic, easy assembling and usefulness! That is why materials with two types of sun permeability have been closed in a bending box. The aluminium cassette in the set with providing guides is available in white, silver or faux wood, and its shape corresponds to the forms characteristic of the minimalist and modern style. Simple assembly, using screws and bolts, will not be a problem even for those who do not have a talent for DIY.

 Attic room Design

Modern and minimalist style reserved for attics and interiors with roof windows gains a bit of cosiness along with blinds in muted colours. Our roof blinds are a combination of functionality and aesthetics, which is an attractive element of interior decoration. To meet the sleepy heads expectation and those who appreciate a delicate design, our blind can be equipped with materials with two levels of light transmission: darkening and blackout.

Attic Bathroom
Living Room

Technical details

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Package content

- Headrail with rolled coiled fabric
- 2 x side guide
- 2 x end cap for corners connecting cassette with guides
- Guide rail mounting screws
- Handle mounting screws
- Wedges, optional*
- Handle for controlling the blind position, optional* at widths above 70 cm
- 1 x instruction

Technical details

Material:High-quality material (100% polyester fabric)
Material thickness:Collection Amsterdam - approx. 0.3 mm
Collection Budapest - approx. 0.32 mm 
Collection Prague - approx. 0.36 mm
Grammage:Collection Amsterdam - 210 gsm
Collection Budapest - 175 gsm
Collection Praga - 274.7gsm
Headrail and profiles material:Aluminium
Headrail with profiles width5 cm
Maintenance:A damp cloth
Warranty:5 years