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50 mm slat Wooden Blind, Catalea

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50 Mm Slat Wooden Blind

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Natural wooden blind

The natural elegance

Made of natural limes and oak wood slats

Made to measure product

50 mm wooden slats

Optional non-invasive assembly

PerfectFix roller blind stabilization system

Child Safeby design

Personalized control side

3 Easy and quick assembly variants


We designed the PerfectFix system to provide our customers with smooth control and neat look. The PerfecFix system is a side guiding which causes the shade to move even with the window being opened. The blind does not swing and does not hit the window.

Blind Steering

We offer standard control of a string and a rod, which are used to raise and lower the blind and also rotating. When designing the blinds, you can freely select the strings and knobs. We equipped the strings with Child Safety device.


Style Statement ...

Classical and beautiful in its simplicity, wooden blinds wrap the room with an eloquent character. Wooden shades give aesthetics and natural feel of the interior, exposing its elegance and charm.

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Technical details

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Technical details

Quality: Premium
Warranty: 5 years