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Darkening Premium Pleated Blind, Catalea

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Premium Pleated Blind

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The Geography of Lightness

Premium Pleated Blinds

Pleated blind characteristic it is simply a lightness of design and detail awareness. Rawness and charm join forces to appear in our newest pleated blind collection. The seemingly minimalist form evokes admiration with lightness and precision.

Pleated blind

Wide range of colours and unique design

Optimal light control and privacy protection

Smooth cordless system for lowering and lifting the fabric

5 mounting systems

One-way and two-way sliding

Child Safe by design

Personalised rail colour

Discover Benefits

Pleated Blind mounting

A special material in a made to fit pleated structure gives the possibility of folding the material in a similar way as the venetian blinds. The folded pleat takes up small space and encourages to playful light control. What distinguishes the pleats on so many other systems are two slats, upper and lower, which encloses the material covering the window. These blinds are installed directly in the window frame at operating height.

White room blinds

Depending on the system, these slats are used for mounting the cover on the window and for moving it. Thanks to this, the biggest advantage of pleats is the lack of hanging strings or poles. Pleats is an innovative window cover, which is adapted to the size of your windows and will provide you with the protection of intimacy in a designer way.

Inconspicuous design

Made to measure pleated blind creates a gorgeous glow at your window appearance. With 106 fabrics to choose from, there is really something for every interior. Take advantage of this lovely effect with a statement shade that will really shine through. Use a striking colour to complement a minimalist scheme, or match with an accent shade for a look straight out of the glossy magazines.

English Window Design

Best Pick is Yours

We use harmoniously bent materials for our custom made blinds, which with their design and variants give you the opportunity to choose the ones that, according to you, will be the best choice. Colour variants in combination with the slats system will allow creating interesting window arrangements. Enjoy delicate creases and shade adjustment of quality pleated blinds.

Best Pick is Yours

Get Inspired

Made to Measure pleated blind
 Modern Bedroom pleated Blind
Blind for office space

Technical details

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Technical details

Product nameDarkening Premium Pleated Blind
Product numberSW10502.42
Colour:Sofia Hoar
Quality: Premium
Tolerance range :
Width : Tolerance :
L ≤ 2 m ±2 mm

Height :

Tolerance :
H ≤ 2 m ±5 mm
2 m < H < 4 m ±8 mm
Warranty: 5 years