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Transparent Standard Roman Blind, Catalea

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Standard Roman Blind

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Wide range of colours and elegant design

Optimal light control and privacy protection

3 Transparencies

Child Safe by design

Easy to clean

Personalized bead chain

Easy and quick assembly

Parasol dans la terrasse
Batiste material curtain

Let's talk colour power

It can not be denied that colours play a huge role in the arrangement of space, adding flavour and emphasise the character of the interior. The colour is trendy and tempting. There is no reason to limit yourself with brave decisions. The apartment will gain life, energy and individuality. If you want to break with monotony - it's time to change the colour theme. Vivid shades will be great in a modern apartment, which while being a place of rest, is stimulating at the same time. Remember that even an intense colour will work soothingly if it is combined with other decorative elements. Whites, beiges and grey tones, which, like no other, are associated with harmony and order, are a good choice for those who are close to painting interiors, raw, kind of unsaid.

Introducing various materials into the interior is a simple way to add warmth and relaxation effect. Made to Measure roman blind is an ideal patent for a seemingly austere or industrial interior to fill with the aura of domestic warmth. Frills, seemingly chaotic in appearance, manoeuvre between the artistry of created forms and the fleshiness of fabrics emanating a romantic and relaxing grace. Roman blinds, sewn from phenomenal and delightful fabrics, bring to every interior a touch of almost poetic sensuality.

here is probably no more elaborate window made to order blind than the one that uses the grace of the loosely arranged frills. The high quality of the material, its lightness and natural beauty will delight your guests, family members and you. Let yourself to be charmed!

Do you need to rekindle the warm and comforting glow of your decor? Dress your windows with a roman blind and create a relaxing space where you feel good!

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Technical details

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Technical details

Quality: Premium
Warranty: 5 years