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Roller Fly Screen, Sagio

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Roller Fly Screen

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Mosquito net made of insensitive to weather and corrosion material

High-strength, powder-coated extruded aluminium profiles

Flexible, rotproof and resistant fabric against wear and tear caused by daily handling

The very robust fabric of fine square meshes

The PVC seal located from the inside of the window ensuring an aesthetic appearance and an impeccable finish

The profile equipped with brush seals ensuring fabric water-tightness

Fits into any window whether made of PVC, aluminium or wood

The net structure allows looking through the fabric

The mosquito net is the most economical and practical way to get rid of mosquitoes at home

Designed to stay in place all year round

Maintains good air circulation

5-year warranty excluding mosquito net canvas

The mesh should lie freely on the frame of the mosquito net before is pressed in so as get too tight

All our nets are securely packaged to ensure that they remain in perfect condition during transport and reach you intact.
Mosquito mesh is delivered as separate elements to be assembled by yourself. Installation is carried out in a few simple steps, detailed in our supplied installation guide

Shield of your comfort

When it comes to home relax all we dream of is peace and quiet. But what if our oasis is disturbed by pests, midges or pollen? There is no easiest protection then rollup mosquito net. Ventilate your home all day and bring in freshness with peace of mind. Or roller mosquito mesh comes with the bend-resistant frame made of extruded aluminium, achieved by pressing a metal alloy. Resistant to damage and stable during assembly will serve you for several seasons. Choose from 3 popular colours!

Sun rays coming through the curtain
Protecing against bites
Protecting against bites
Providing a peaceful night's sleep
Providing a peaceful night's sleep
Zapobiega rozprzestrzenianiu się bakterii
Preventing the spread of bacteria
Bamboo Blinds Ready Made

The very robust mosquito net will stop the majority of flying or crawling insects naturally without requiring the use of toxic products. Simply by physically preventing them from approaching you. Stretched between the frame like a guitar string, insect mesh does not sag or break. It stands out for its robustness which makes it a product that will hold in the long run without losing efficiency. Very discreet and functional window mesh will allow you to enjoy the outside air while maintaining a vision to the outside. Prevent insects from reaching your home!

Bedroom bamboo Blind

The frame mosquito net is installed flush with the edge of the outer frame of your window. Special metal supports prevent it from falling by clinging to the inner frame of the window. Each metal bracket is screwed to the inside of the net frame with a screw, allowing you to adjust and turn the handle. The number of supports is adapted to the width and height you have selected. All the handles are located inside the mosquito nets and remain invisible to the eye from the outside.

Bamboo Blinds Ready Made
Bedroom bamboo Blind

Technical details

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Technical details

Product nameRoller Fly Screen
Product numberSW10541
Tolerance range :
Width : Tolerance :
L ≤ 2 m ±3 mm

Height :

Tolerance :
H ≤ 1,5 m ±2 mm
1,5 m < H < 2,5 m ±3 mm
Warranty: 5 years