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16mm slat Venetian Blind, Catalea

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16mm Slat Venetian Blind

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The chic way of bespoke comfort

16mm aluminium slats

Product made to measure

Child Safe by design

PerfectFix - blind stabilization system - optional

Personalized control side

3 types of control, including motor control!

8 different venetian blind shapes - for unusual windows types

Kitchen Venetian Blinds
Venetian Blind in Bathroom
Office Blinds

There is a fine line when old fashioned solutions become a new classic

There is no more popular window shade then venetian blind and we know why

Venetian blind contains all features that ensure long-lasting protection and privacy control with universal appearance to match every window design and most of all every personal taste. The way we made our venetian shades allows to fix them in 4 different ways. It's up to you how to decorate your window. Our blinds are easily mounted on a glazing bead, on a window wing, in a recess or on a wall. Our designed Perfect Fit Venetian blinds make your window appearance elegant and sleek. Additional side guiding makes the blind works smoothly, even with the window angled. Thick lath is not only studier but also more durable and looks better in the window frame. The thickness of 0.21mm translate into better protection from the sun, and thanks to the new technology, the slats do not differ by weight from their leaner colleagues.

Made to Measure Venetian Blind

Technical details

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Technical details

Tolerance range :
Width : Tolerance :
L ≤ 2 m ±2 mm
2 m < L ≤ 4 m ±4 mm

Height :

Tolerance :
H ≤ 2 m ±5 mm
2 m < H < 4 m ±8 mm
Warranty: 5 years