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50mm slat Venetian Blind, Catalea

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50mm Slat Venetian Blind

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Made of aluminum resistant to bending and various environmental conditions

50mm wide slats perfect for bigger windows

Slats thickness: 0.2 mm

Made of environmentally friendly materials

Various ways of fixing to the windowpane, to the opening/ceiling or to the wall

The order package includes screws/plugs according to the selected installation type

Optional side guiding- lateral guide system to stabilize the blind

Powered by two cords: one for elevation and the other for orientation

The length of the laces: 3/4 of the height of the Venetian

Possibility to choose the position of the drive mechanism

Child safe by design

Bottom rail matching the colour of the slats

Easy maintenance

European manufacturing

5 year warranty

venetian blind - wall / window mount
windows with venetian louvers 50 mm

Venetian blind adjusted to your needs

Depending on the construction of your window and your personal preferences, you can choose between several types of installation. Our aluminium venetian blind is mounted on the window sash, inside the opening, on the wall or on the ceiling (especially recommended if you want to cover the drawer of the blind). As the time of day changes, you can regulate the intensity of light entering your room and control privacy by lowering and raising the venetian blind using a lifting cord and rotating the slats using an orientation cord. Our Venetian blinds can also be equipped with the side guide system that integrates perfectly with any window. The lateral guidance with steel cables that pass through the slats on two sides ensures a better hold of the venetian blind and prevents any oscillation. Thanks to the 50 mm slatsand the maximum width of 4 m, our venetian blind is suitable even for very large windows. In addition, the aluminum venetian blinds reflect sunlight, isolating the rooms from the cold and heat. They also withstand humidity very well, therefore, they are an excellent solution for kitchens and bathrooms.

Technical details

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Technical details

Quality: Premium
Width of the slats: 50 mm
The thickness of the slats: 0,2 mm
Dimensions of the headrail: 51 x 57 mm
Dimensions of the bottom rail: 16 x 52 mm
Weight of the headrail: 606 g/m
Weight of bottom rail: 330 g/m
Length of the cord: 3/4 height of the blind
Slat material: 100% aluminium
Headrail material: 100% aluminium
Bottom rail material: 100% aluminium
The material of cord and tape: Polyester
Tolerance of dimensions: Width : ±2 mm;Height : -10/+25 mm;
Warranty: 5 years