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25 mm slat InLight Venetian Blind, Catalea

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25 Mm Slat InLight Venetian Blind

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Venetian 25 mm Blinds

Venetian blinds

25 mm aluminium slats

Product made to measure

The blind is fitted directly on to glazing bead

Child Safe by design

Personalized control side

Venetian Blinds Tailor Made

Our designed Perfect Fit Venetian blinds make your window appearance elegant and sleek. Additional side guiding makes the blind works smoothly, even with the window angled. Thick lath is not only studier but also more durable and looks better in the window frame. The thickness of 0.21mm translate into better protection from the sun, and thanks to the new technology, the slatsdo not differ by weight from their leaner colleagues.

Bedroom Venetian Blind

The new InLight blind system allows them to be mounted in the space of the glass. That's why Venetian blind and laths ideally matching the window arrangement. However, the biggest advantage is decorative headrail, which hides the whole control system and makes Venetian shades system tidy and aesthetic.

Classy is timeless

An aluminium blind is a practical solution that will work in every room. Whether in the kitchen full of the revolutionary ideas or the bathroom, where you take a big breath after a busy day, the shutter with small slats will effectively cover you from an inquisitive look and sunrays. Adhering to the pane and coherent with its size, the window cover with its functionality convinces many of our customers.

Venetian blinds

Simple solution

We understand how important safety is, especially when beloved toddlers are around. For your peace of mind, we already took some steps to improve safety at your home. Venetian blind safety system ensures the safety of children and pets in your home. The minimalistic design doesn't only work well but also look very sleek.

Oak venetian blinds

Get Inspired

aluminium venetian blinds made to measure
aluminium venetian blinds
aluminium blinds small slats

Technical details

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Technical details

Quality: Premium
Warranty: 5 years