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Garden and Terrace (0 items)


Garden Parasols

Everyone occasionally needs to hide from the sun. Especially during the summer, on the balcony or in the garden, an excessive amount of the sun may turn out to be problematic. The combination of thick material with an aluminium stand, which can change the angle of inclination creates effective protection during summer rest or outdoor play. Different models, prices, colours and sizes will make it easier to search for and choose an umbrella that will suit you in 100%.

Balcony Screen

Additional protection that will protect your balcony or terrace from unwanted looks or strong winds. Terrace shades will stop the rain or dust that destroys your peaceful rest. In addition, the balcony cover will provide you with intimacy and comfort while spending free time in the garden or sunbathing on the balcony. A wide range of textures and colours make our balcony screens a perfect match with any building elevation.

Screen Fence

With the warm and sunny days coming, we are more and more willing to spend time outdoors. If your neighbourhood and your neighbours stop you from creating the perfect oasis of peace in your own garden or on the terrace, it's time to get effective protection. The screen fence is attached to your fence or balustrade, transforming the space into a place ideally suited for blissful weekend lazing or a shared family meal.